RPA/AI Features

With the advent of new technology, many companies have adopted Robotic Process Automation to increase productivity, optimise business processes and eliminate errors.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA uses automated processes or robots as a virtual workforce, particularly for repetitive tasks that are prone to errors, are rules-based and involve the use of digital tools. They serve as a back-office processing centre without human resources.

Organizations today need to identify both bottlenecks and opportunities through the entire procurement lifecycle, quantify their value and design and execute appropriate solutions to realize sustainable benefits.

RPA – Definitive approach to reduce manual and repetitive tasks that eat away at your time and valuable operational costs. ELIT employs RPA/AI as a way to ease your burdens in the procurement management lifecycle by automating Invoice management, supplier collaboration with easy to use chatbot interface and other critical processes that require better than average attention to ensure successful job execution.

One advantage you can leverage is ELIT keeps open the possibility to customize your process and adopt the RPA/AI technologies to suit your organizational specific functions and processes.

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