E-Procurement in Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & Gas industry has one of the most complex supply-chain and procurement processes. They usually involvebuying, receiving and paying out goods and services to guard against critical risks that include long or delayed deliveries, damaged products, shortage of supplies, etc.

Procurement in Oil & Gas industry depends on two types of pricing – retail pricing and wholesale or bulk pricing. The cost of an oil barrel purchased or sold is known as the retail price. It includes the dealer’s markup profit. Also, a bulk supplier who purchases large volumes of oil and gas should pay more than the dealer. Procurement in oil and gas also involves production planning, strategizing and operational readiness related to finding oil and gas.

For instance, the gas industry needs to purchase equipment that will enable them to drill for and produce oil and gas which involves the buying of drilling equipment and other machines used in oil and gas exploration. The process may include logistics, processing of raw materials, inventories, planning, etc. Procurement in the Oil and Gas Industry includes purchasing petroleum products like gasoline, diesel, lubricants, oils, etc., at wholesale prices from refineries and producers, their suppliers.

Few challenges that oil & gas companies face in short-term as well long-term include:
1. Transparency and Flow of Supply Chain

E-procurement in oi & gas industry relies on oil and gas production from just a handful of geographical regions. When those regions experience shortages or other economic issues that disrupt the supply chain’s flow, it trickles down and impacts the oil and gas supply chain and procurement process.

ELIT helps by :

  • Ensuring every step of the procurement process is visible
  • vendor effectiveness and performance rating
  • providing real-time collaboration within buyer organization and with suppliers across entire lifecycle.
2.  Huge volumes of data to Process

When looking to improve procurement and supply chain management for the oil and gas industry, businesses gather and must process tons of data every day. The scale and strength of computer systems and software applications needed to make sense of that data determines the success and failure factors on timely inputs, decisions and action businesses need to control to stay relevant and on top of the competitive landscape.

ELIT helps by offering a robust, scalable and effective supply chain software management tool that:

  • Seamlessly integrate with existing ERPs and third-party systems
  • Ensure data creep is effectively managed and right decisions on procurement processes can be taken by the right people at right time with minimal effort.
3. Fluctuating Prices and Demand for Oil and Gas

Demand for oil and gas will always be stable or increase but the volatility and geo-political issues that influence the productions and supply of oil & gas globally will always see unprecedented fluctuations. This requires the e-procurement in oil & gas industry to be more agile and dynamic.

ELIT Procure-to-Pay application ensures:

  • Quick workflows and single-page processes
  • Ensure buyers and procurement professionals spend more time on more critical initiatives and less time on manual and repetitive activities.

One of the more efficient way to improve the e-procurement in oil & gas industry is to embrace technologies and supply chain software management tools that’s designed to help:

  • Streamline operations
  • Manage effectively multiple supply channels
  • Process high volumes of data to stay relevant in business and,
  • Be more efficient in sourcing and managing regular and non-regular operational and business needs in order to be scalable and agile.

E-procurement in oil & gas industry has multiple challenges and unique complexities. The common thread among them is the need to contain costs, optimize efficiencies and seamlessly integrate multiple channels of productivity.

ELIT helps address some of the unique challenges of eprocurement in oil & gas industry in following key areas:


  • Operational Transformation
  • Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Management
  • Category Management
  • Supplier & Procurement Analytics


  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Supplier Collaborations
  • Logistics Management
  • Real-time communications.


  • Spend Analytics & Cost Reduction
  • Category Utilization
  • Supplier Performances
  • KPI and Metrics Optimization

ELIT identifies three key areas where successful procurement functions strike the right balance between short-term cost reduction and long-term optimization to drive efficiency and profitability.

Supplier Collaborations & EngagementsGain better insights into supplier capabilities, cost structures and fitment to ensure transparency and anticipate demand fulfilment
Cost EfficiencyInvolve in early-stage supply planning to reduce procurement costs and drive efficient spend programs.
Business EffectivenessMake smart and justifiable purchasing decisions based on supplier performance criteria and categorization optimization without having to spend much time on the process.

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