ELIT.ai’s eInvoice management software can automate invoices, streamline manual AP processes, improve invoice workflow, and move away from tedious paper invoices, helping you increase productivity and accuracy.

ELIT.ai can help you get digital.

With the ELIT.ai eInvoice solution, you can go paperless and touchless throughout the entire order-to-pay cycle. Capture invoices digitally to automate them—and let AI take care of the rest. Good for keeping pleased suppliers, succeeding, and impressing CFOs.

Paper-based invoices are inefficient, risky, and expensive.

Manual invoice management can cause your company to lose time, make errors, delay payments, and miss out on discounts. With an end-to-end automated invoice management solution, you can increase your control over the entire payables process—from invoice receipt and approval to invoice processing.

Build a network, not just onboards sellers.

Suppliers must be on board with e-invoicing in order for buyers and sellers to tango. Pay offers guaranteed supplier onboarding rates as well as real value to pull in sellers. ELIT.ai Engage and ELIT.ai’s Cash can help you digitize your b2b network and gain working capital. With ELIT.ai Engage, you can gain supplier analytics and e-invoicing. With ELIT.ai’s Cash, you can draw your suppliers into a closer relationship as you digitize.

Truly digitally capture and validate invoices.

Regardless of how your seller sends invoices, Pay captures them digitally. The document firewall ensures that each invoice adheres to your company’s standards. An FTE can handle more invoices if multi-way matching aligns invoices with purchasing documents such as orders and contracts. Only those that are acceptable can pass.

It’s nicer to pay people than to pay invoices.

Human-friendly tasks should be what’s left after automation, as opposed to mindless follow-the-leader. It should be possible to customize your workflow in whatever way you want. Salah should be able to reassign a batch of approvals with a thank-you attached..It’s all up to getting Ahmed to finally approve that one invoice. Once that’s done, let the seller know it’s all done. After all, the goal isn’t to process an invoice, but to pay a person.

ELIT e-invoicing software is compatible with existing ERP and billing systems.

Many businesses now use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions. Furthermore, a business may operate with one or several systems. ELIT.ai e-invoicing software will not only interface with your ERP or existing billing system, but it will also make your job easier by automatically extracting data. You do not have to worry about working on two distinct systems (ERP and e-invoicing software).

Accessible at any time and from anywhere.

The accessibility problem can be totally solved with cloud-based e-invoicing software.

The most significant benefit of e-invoicing software is that it can be viewed at any time and from any location thanks to its secure cloud-based mechanism. The cloud maintains all of the information. You are not required to be confined to your computers in order to check for updates or processes.

Here’s how ELIT.ai E-invoicing can help you

  1. Bulk upload of invoice data
  2. Maintain several GSTINs under a single corporate hierarchy by adhering to your organization’s structure.
  3. To print e-invoices, obtain standard invoice templates.
  4. Invoices may be shared with customers and suppliers via the platform


If you are looking for Automated, Integrated and Seamless e-invoicing Software, contact us today! ELIT.ai  is the most trusted technology provider in the market to help you with the best e-invoicing solution.

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