What is ePurchasing?

Electronic purchasing (e-purchasing), automates and extends manual buying and selling processes, from the creation of the requisition through to payment of the suppliers. E-Purchasing is used in procurement of goods and services that are of low value and high volume. It electronically simplifies the purchasing process of such goods and services.

ePurchase in Modern Context

In its fundamental capability, ePurchasing permits the communications that happen between organizations, clients, and other worth chain Partners to become centralized as well as automated.

ePurchasing, at its centre, permits chief procurement officials or official procurement departments inside organizations to make a diagram of strategies expected for procuring goods and services for said organizations. The ultimate goal of these processes is to acquire the best possible price while also offering the best benefit as and when required.


Benefits of ePurchasing

Reduces the procurement process time

With the help of the ERP procurement , you can reduce the time required for the procurement processes.

  • It reduces the manual data entry
  • It makes the approval process faster
  • It saves and retrieves data.
  • It makes invoice processing easy
  • It reduces the time required to track the commitments while doing the budget.

Provides good Data Traits

Data traits of the purchase orders or invoices are affordable as compared to the same document generated using word or excel.
ePurchasing assigns purchase order numbers and dates automatically.

Provides good hold of the procure-to-pay process

It shares data, for example, receipt handling, charging, cost designation, and purchase order related documents with the Supplier.

Controls budget in real-time

This system shows the total image of committed costs on a Budget. At the point when you have sensible control, you will pursue better decisions and determine the possibilities of extra costs earliest.

Allows you to access historical data

Digital archives help you to find out the previous orders and order quantities.

It makes the internal approval process easy

Internal approval of purchase orders or invoices is the most difficult task in the absence of a Purchasing system.

When the approval comes in the form of an e-mail, you must follow up on it; when it is in the form of a document, you risk missing it. These are also time-consuming.

You may see which POs have been accepted and by whom by using ePurchasing. You may also track this information at any time.

Enhances data security

Data is more secure using the system. You will have the authority to decide who may see, update, and approve the data using this system. As a result, you can protect sensitive data.

Need not depend on people

It automates the process, so you don’t need to rely on IT pros; everyone can access real-time data.


How does ePurchasing Work?

 E-primary purchasing’s role is to automate and streamline the whole purchase process. The goal is to automate everything that was previously done manually. Contracts would be exchanged between businesses, suppliers, governments, and customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the important components of the e-procurement process.

1. Supplier Management

Supplier management is the component of procurement that manages a comprehensive supplier database’s data, communication, operations, and performance. Supplier management not only provides information on suppliers, but it also builds relationships between businesses and their subsequent suppliers.

2. Purchase to Pay (P2P)

The purchase-to-pay process is another end-to-end procedure that allows businesses to obtain a specific product or service from a supplier. The technology is also used to make payments for services provided to companies by other businesses (B2B).

3. Analytics

Analytics is a sure benefit for every organisation that wishes to make use of its numerous tools and applications. The same requirement applies to the online purchase procedure. Businesses will be able to take stock of, analyse, and implement corrective spending actions using analytic tools. This component of the e-procurement process is often handled by procurement officers and financial specialists.


The Advantages of Using ePurchasing Software

Now that you understand everything that e-purchasing can accomplish for you and your business, the next step is to invest in appropriate e-purchasing software.

Though the features and functionalities of each software differ, there are a few key components that contribute to good e-purchasing software. Here are some of the benefits of investing in such technology.

Automated Processes are Everything

When you use e-purchasing software, you join a world where developing standardised forms, building workflows, and internal procedures are the norm. This way, you’re not only getting rid of anything time-consuming and unnecessary, but you’re also supporting and improving everything that contributes to a better procurement experience.

Creating a Formidable Supply Chain

With solid e-purchasing software in place, your organisation is now prepared to form a strong and strategic relationship with your suppliers. Your connection is collaborative, trusted, and long-lasting thanks to reducing vendor management tools. As a result, you may develop vendor portals, punch-out catalogues, and manage other supplier solutions that enhance data collecting, transparency, and new collaboration opportunities.

Multifaceted Scalability

If you own a small business or company, you no longer need to spend a lot of money to invest in equipment that will help you grow. You may start small and expect to expand rapidly using e-procurement software. All you need is a trustworthy source and a dependable technology. It will not be difficult to obtain software that can be smoothly incorporated into your present system. This manner, you may avoid adding to the disturbance while simultaneously ensuring that your company’s productivity remains high during the transition.

ELIT.ai Features of ePurchase

ePurchase principal duties are extensive, providing a variety of advantages for a company’s day-to-day operations and supply chain activities. The major features of ePurchase for business are listed below:

  • Quotations from various suppliers
  • Recording Payment terms in PO
  • Excise consideration in Purchase and Process Orders
  • PO authorization
  • PO amendments with complete amendment history
  • Purchase order entry with item details and other details like taxes and discounts. Extra charges like freight, P&F.
  • Flexibility to generate Purchase Order in domestic and foreign currency
  • Value-based approval of indents
  • Reports for order tracking for complete control over the procurement cycle.
  • ePurchase in ERP aims at making available the required materials of the right quality, in the correct quantity, at the right time, and at the right price for the smooth functioning of the organization.


Top reasons should buy ELIT.ai ePurchase software

A User-Friendly Interface: Filling out forms, creating invoices, and sending them to the relevant persons should all be accomplished with a single click.

Real-Time Conversation: Real-time integrations help you avoid wasteful spending and remain on track with your budget.

Speed and Flexibility: The introduction of new technologies and cloud computing has decreased implementation time from months to days, and each organization’s setup approach is unique.

Automated Approval Process: The procurement department or management should provide the workflow criteria, and approval should be automated at the user and corporate levels.


ELIT.ai ePurchase platforms provide you with more flexibility and control throughout the whole purchase process. Control is fundamental to the contemporary ePurchase  system, from who can place an order to who can approve and purchase it, and lastly who can receive against or pay it.

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