Let AI handle the busy work for you.

Allow AI-assisted AP automation to learn how you want to code and approve invoices, then eliminate those steps for you. You can adjust the amount of AI-powered AP automation action in the dashboard. Celebrating AP without exceptions is what I want to get closer to.

ELIT.ai eInvoice Automation Solution with AI & RPA

Many businesses spend a lot of time resolving matching errors and exceptions. Automated invoice processing can eliminate redundant manual entries.

  • Supplier invoice entry
  • Automatic invoice matching
  • Manual invoice matching
  • Internal reinvoicing

Process invoices quickly and accurately, regardless of format

ELIT.ai’s Invoice reduces your cost per invoice, shortens cycle times, and improves spend control through budget, invoice, and PO checks, all while eliminating the hassle of managing paper invoices.

With automatic matching and error identification built-in, the fully cloud-based electronic invoicing system ensures that you only pay for what you order and receive.

Procurement RPA

RPA plays a critical role in the procurement department, automating transactional procure-to-pay processes and conducting simple bidding transactions by utilizing systemic controls and well-defined business rules, resulting in considerable cost and efficiency savings.

ELIT.ai RPA Solutions Provide a High Return on Investment

ELIT.ai RPA solutions can boost front-office productivity while easing and redefining the burden of back-office staff.

  1. Over a one-year investment period, tangible efficiency benefits may be predicted.
  2. The interaction with software and systems may be controlled in a smooth manner.
  3. Our tools can operate in practically any geographic region thanks to centralized hosting.
  4. Our robotic resources may work in a variety of business units (BUs) and roles.
  5. Properly specified processes ensure that data always adheres to regulatory compliance criteria.
  6. Minimal human intervention lowers the probability of mistakes.

Benefits of RPA/AI

Cost savings: – 25-60% cost savings for manual transactional business operations.

Improved Reporting: Comprehensive logs and reports sent via auto-generated dynamic dashboards.

Improved Compliance: Enhanced accuracy and compliance rate through rule-based automation and enhanced audit trail management.

Enhanced Scalability: scalable and adaptable virtual resources that can be installed quickly and at a low cost. If necessary, scale down immediately.

Improved Service Delivery: Reduce cycle durations by minimizing manual interventions and handling exceptions to free up more controllable resources.

Optimized Processes: Processes that have been sped up, resulting in enhanced throughput and productivity- accessible outside of usual business hours.

RPA/AI Features

With the advent of new technology, many companies have adopted Robotic Process Automation to increase productivity, optimise business processes and eliminate errors.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA uses automated processes or robots as a virtual workforce, particularly for repetitive tasks that are prone to errors, are rules-based and involve the use of digital tools. They serve as a back-office processing centre without human resources.

Organizations today need to identify both bottlenecks and opportunities through the entire procurement lifecycle, quantify their value and design and execute appropriate solutions to realize sustainable benefits.

RPA – Definitive approach to reduce manual and repetitive tasks that eat away at your time and valuable operational costs. ELIT employs RPA/AI as a way to ease your burdens in the procurement management lifecycle by automating Invoice management, supplier collaboration with easy to use chatbot interface and other critical processes that require better than average attention to ensure successful job execution.

One advantage you can leverage is ELIT keeps open the possibility to customize your process and adopt the RPA/AI technologies to suit your organizational specific functions and processes.

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