Flows enable real-time visibility and collaboration

With our collaboration solution, buyers and vendors can create powerful relationships based on trust. Supplier relationships should be built on mutual trust and transparency rather than merely on financial objectives. allows you to digitized supplier connections by allowing your company to choose the technique that works best for you. Our supplier collaboration technologies enable your business to streamline the back office and boost supplier communication.

Begin by RFX inviting potential suppliers to gather information and conduct sourcing events, then analyse and evaluate their replies before awarding them a Purchase Order.

Supply Chain Collaboration

There are a variety of supply chain participants in our global market, including suppliers, sub-contractors and logistics service providers. The rise in activity and transactions in this worldwide market may disrupt your daily activities if you are not connected to the digital highway connecting this worldwide supply chain.

A disruption may not only affect your physical business process, but also result in a negative domino effect throughout the supply chain. Production lines being slowed down, long haul shipments being delayed, and sudden shifts in consumer demand are just a few examples of phenomena that may negatively affect your operational efficiency and supply chain collaboration level.

Furthermore, maintaining current and creating new connections in optimized Supply Chain Collaboration processes is only the first step towards being connected. Maintaining current and creating new connections may become nearly impossible as supply chains continue to expand.

Collaborative supply chains must be actively managed, controlled, and responded to in order to effectively manage and control volatile supply chains.

There is no doubt that successful Supply Chain Collaboration requires the participation of all of your supply chain partners. You can achieve this by documenting your processes in a Supply Chain Collaboration Network.

Within this network, all trading and service partners collaborate with you and, if applicable, with each other based on the same level of shared information and the same procedural structures. Supply Chain Collaboration: Multi levels

An end-to-end Supply Chain Collaboration Network is formed by combining multi levels of efficient collaboration:

  • P2P – Procure to Pay Collaboration work with your suppliers to optimize processes.
  • e-Logistics Collaboration to work with your carriers to optimize processes.

Boosting productivity by digitizing supplier on-boarding is what we want to do.

All your suppliers in one single place

There is no more paper sourcing! By providing one fees-free portal, platforms support your suppliers. Onboarding is quick, and you can provide a user-friendly solution to facilitate a better collaboration.

Improve supplier management and compliance.’s platform helps you detect and correct supply-demand imbalances quickly, as well as incentivize wide adoption by internal and external parties. You can view supplier commitments, reviews, orders, and quality alerts on your customized dashboard.

Collaborating with suppliers in real time provides visibility.

Collaborate with your suppliers across multiple processes and tools to order and forecast in real time.

How collaboration software benefits your supply chain.

Supply chain collaboration software may be used by businesses to combine multiple processes, interconnect distant systems, and allow organisations to connect the dots in terms of procedures.

Modern supply chain collaboration software may be used by users to coordinate responses and handle exceptions in a more dynamic and integrated manner. Key features of supply chain collaboration software.

Whether a company uses supply chain collaboration software for only one component of its supply chain process or for end-to-end management, the following characteristics are essential to guarantee that cooperation is as seamless as possible:

Real-time data sharing: All participants must have access to the most recent data for collaboration to be fruitful. By connecting various data sources, supply chains may provide the best foundation for making decisions regarding planning, execution, and exception management.

End-to-end visibility: Visibility of the whole supply chain is essential for understanding what is going on at any given time, including where a company’s inventory is located, any difficulties its suppliers are having, and any potential capacity or forecasting mismatches. Having visibility into the supply chain helps a company to identify potential issues and respond before they escalate.

Configurable workflows: Because every business is unique, the software used to manage that organisation must be adaptive in order to work with specific procedures and workflows. Aligning systems and procedures allows supply chain workers to better cooperate with partners.

Advantage of supply chain collaboration software.

Supply chain collaboration software helps organisations to engage with several tiers of suppliers to establish criteria and guarantee that providers can achieve those requirements by integrating the various sections of a supply chain and providing a consistent basis for data.
In the event of potential disruptions, it enables a quicker, more optimal resolution.

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